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forest climbing adventure park - K1 Waldseilpark Kaiserslautern - climbing camp, palatinate

K1 special: traditional archery

The event for individuals, pairs, groups or teams.

archery at K1 high ropes in Kaiserslautern - close to ramstein airbase

Everyone, even the untrained, can quickly learn the basics. Without eyepieces or any other tools, the shooter can concentrate on the target and relies on its abilities.

The unique experience between tension and relaxation, conscious breathing and hitting the target makes up the fascination of archery.

Since this offer is also open for children without any upper age-limit, archery is an event for the entire family.

Archery for management staff

...executive employees, departments, teams and project groups.

Motivation, emotions and team spirit are the cornerstones of this type of sport.

Furthermore, it fosters the ability of concentration,
stereoscopic vision and trains such as:

  • peace of mind
  • body awareness
  • self-confidence
  • stress relief

New Date for Archery

Every Tuesday and Thursday until 2 pm up to 6 pm. Only with appointment!

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