Rest assured, we won’t let you jump and dance on the high ropes course without taking care of all necessary safety measures!

The courses are all certified by the Technical Supervision Association (TÜV) and are checked daily by our qualified instructors.


Of course everything is focused on the safety of the visitor to the K1 High Ropes Course, day by day: starting with alpine safety equipment, clear safety regulations and supervision from our qualified safety instructors to the introductory course that every climber has to start with. We focus on safety so you can have maximum fun up on the courses. So, let’s get up there!

Equipment: Your life insurance

No exceptions allowed!

The K1 courses may not be entered without the appropriate safety equipment!

The entrance fee includes the rental of an ultra-light helmet, belt, snap link rope roll. This safety gear must be put on and taken off with the help of our safety instructors.

The equipment at the K1 High Ropes Course is CE-certified in accordance with the european regulations for safety, health, environment and consumers.


Must be followed by all at K1

Details on who is, for any reason, not permitted to climb, the minimum qualities prescribed for the courses, what is not to be taken to the courses, and how the supervisory duty of parents is regulated for minor climbers, read in detail in our
General business conditions

Information on age and body height restrictions for climbers what is prohibited to bring on the courses and the obligatory supervision of parents for under-aged climbers can be found in detail in our General Business Conditions. We have summed up some of the most important rules and regulations for you right here:

1. The courses may only be entered by persons age 7 and older. Additionally these regulations apply:

  • All courses may only be entered with a body weight of less than 120 kg.
  • Courses 6 and 7 may only be entered with a minimum body height of 150 cm and a minimum age of 8 years.
  • Course 8 may only be entered with a minimum body height of 150 cm, a minimum age of 16 years and a special instruction by one of our trainers.

2. During your stay at the K1 High Ropes Course, all instructions from the K1 personnel and trainers must be followed. In the case of contravention or violation of these instructions, or safety instructions, the participants concerned may be excluded from visiting the high ropes course.

3. No objects such as bags, rucksacks, jewellery, watches, mobile telephones, cameras etc., which may be a source of danger to the participant or to others (for example, by being dropped) may be carried on the courses. To avoid entanglement (e.g. in snap links, rope rolls, practice elements).

4. Long hair must be secured with rubber bands or a hairnet.

5. The rented safety equipment must be used in accordance with the instructions from the K1 safety personnel.

6. The rented safety equipment may not be passed on to other persons and may only be put on and taken off by the K1 safety personnel.

7. Possible damages or alterations of the safety equipment must be reported to the K1 safety personnel immediately.

8. Under no circumstances must a climber be on the course without being secured.

9. The snap hooks must always be hung in the green marked safety rope. When transfering, one snap hook must always be hooked to the green marked safety rope. The two snap hooks must never be disengaged at the same time.

10. The ascent, every exercise between the tree platforms and the rope descent may not be used by more than one person at a time.

11. No more than 3 persons at a time may stay on a platform, no more than 20 persons at a time on the central platforms.

12. To avoid unnecessary hold-ups, slower participants should allow others to overtake them at the platforms.

13. The use of the rope pulley must be exactly as instructed by the safety personnel. Persons in doubt should ask a person in charge for help.

14. In the high ropes course, only the laid-out or marked paths may be used.

15. The ropeway zones marked off with ropes must not be entered.

16. Accidents, damage to property or injuries must be reported without delay to the personnel of the K1 Waldseilpark GmbH.

17. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

18. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the park!


The K1 Team: Certified trainers for your safety

The trainers of the K1 Waldseilpark are not only passionate climbers but they will also answer competently all your questions regarding safety and climbing the high ropes. They are trained and certified in the fields of climbing equipment, ropes and knots and specific climbing materials.

Plus their training includes safety measures, introduction to climbing, first aid and high ropes rescue procedures.

So, when it comes to your safety, you really can rely on our team. Therefore it is absolutely necessary, that you follow the instructions of our trainers in any situation.