A wonderful piece of nature, healthy trees, a few loads of building wood, many meters of steel and the enthusiasm you bring along – these are the ”ingredients“ for this attraction in the Palatinate Forest.

So if you’re up to the challenge, show your will to excel and enjoy the purest joy of climbing at the K1 Waldseilpark Fröhnerhof!

Our courses consist of exercises which make the way from one platform to the next a genuine adventure, with obstacles made from cables, swings, rope bridges and wooden bridges.

Alpine safety equipment makes it possible: you, too, can balance, slide and climb high up among the tree tops in the K1 High Ropes Course Fröhnerhof!

The ideal destination for school trips, family tours, team-events, club and company excursions, birthday parties … and of course also for you!


Parcours Level of Difficulty
E introductory course
1 easy (7 years and older accompanied by at least 1 adult)
2 easy (7 years and older accompanied by at least 1 adult)
3 medium (7 years and older accompanied by at least 1 adult)
4 medium (7 years and older accompanied by at least 1 adult)
5 medium (7 years and older accompanied by at least 1 adult)
6 difficult
(5 years and older, minimum body height 150cm, accompanied by at least 1 adult and appropriate constitution)
7 difficult
(5 years and older, minimum body height 150cm, accompanied by at least 1 adult and appropriate constitution)
8 difficult
(7 years and older, minimum body height 150cm, accompanied by at least 1 adult and appropriate constitution)

15 courses with more than 100 exercises offer maximum outdoor fun!

Parcours Level of difficulty
9 childrens’ course (3 years and older)
10 childrens’ course (3 years and older)
11 childrens’ course (3 years and older)
12 childrens’ course (3 years and older)
13 Rope Swing*
14 Base Jump*
15 Pampers Pole*
16 Project Climbing K1
17 Mohawk Walk

* small extra fee


Our Kiosk is of course always open at the same time as the climbing course. Here you will find all sorts of delicious things against hunger and thirst, which you can enjoy comfortably on our tree-top terrace.


Rest assured, we won’t let you jump and dance on the high ropes course without taking care of all necessary safety measures!

The courses are all certified by the Technical Supervision Association (TÜV) and are checked daily by our qualified instructors.

Of course everything is focused on the safety of the visitor to the K1 High Ropes Course, day by day: starting with alpine safety equipment, clear safety regulations and supervision from our qualified safety instructors to the introductory course that every climber has to start with. We focus on safety so you can have maximum fun up on the courses. So, let’s get up there!

Equipment: Your life insurance

Equipment: Your life insurance

No exceptions allowed!

The K1 courses may not be entered without the appropriate safety equipment!

The entrance fee includes the rental of an ultra-light helmet, belt, snap link rope roll. This safety gear must be put on and taken off with the help of our safety instructors.

The equipment at the K1 High Ropes Course is CE-certified in accordance with the european regulations for safety, health, environment and consumers.

The rules at K1

The rules at K1

Information on age and body height restrictions for climbers what is prohibited to bring on the courses and the obligatory supervision of parents for under-aged climbers can be found in detail in our General Business Conditions. We have summed up some of the most important rules and regulations for you right here:

1. The courses may only be entered by persons age 7 and older. Additionally these regulations apply:

  • All courses may only be entered with a body weight of less than 120 kg.
  • Courses 6 and 7 may only be entered with a minimum body height of 150 cm and a minimum age of 8 years.
  • Course 8 may only be entered with a minimum body height of 150 cm, a minimum age of 16 years and a special instruction by one of our trainers.

2. During your stay at the K1 High Ropes Course, all instructions from the K1 personnel and trainers must be followed. In the case of contravention or violation of these instructions, or safety instructions, the participants concerned may be excluded from visiting the high ropes course.

3. No objects such as bags, rucksacks, jewellery, watches, mobile telephones, cameras etc., which may be a source of danger to the participant or to others (for example, by being dropped) may be carried on the courses. To avoid entanglement (e.g. in snap links, rope rolls, practice elements).

4. Long hair must be secured with rubber bands or a hairnet.

5. The rented safety equipment must be used in accordance with the instructions from the K1 safety personnel.

6. The rented safety equipment may not be passed on to other persons and may only be put on and taken off by the K1 safety personnel.

7. Possible damages or alterations of the safety equipment must be reported to the K1 safety personnel immediately.

8. Under no circumstances must a climber be on the course without being secured.

9. The snap hooks must always be hung in the green marked safety rope. When transfering, one snap hook must always be hooked to the green marked safety rope. The two snap hooks must never be disengaged at the same time.

10. The ascent, every exercise between the tree platforms and the rope descent may not be used by more than one person at a time.

11. No more than 3 persons at a time may stay on a platform, no more than 20 persons at a time on the central platforms.

12. To avoid unnecessary hold-ups, slower participants should allow others to overtake them at the platforms.

13. The use of the rope pulley must be exactly as instructed by the safety personnel. Persons in doubt should ask a person in charge for help.

14. In the high ropes course, only the laid-out or marked paths may be used.

15. The ropeway zones marked off with ropes must not be entered.

16. Accidents, damage to property or injuries must be reported without delay to the personnel of the K1 Waldseilpark GmbH.

17. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

18. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the park!

K1 Team: Certified trainers for your safety

The K1 Team: Certified trainers for your safety

The trainers of the K1 Waldseilpark are not only passionate climbers but they will also answer competently all your questions regarding safety and climbing the high ropes. They are trained and certified in the fields of climbing equipment, ropes and knots and specific climbing materials.

Plus their training includes safety measures, introduction to climbing, first aid and high ropes rescue procedures.

So, when it comes to your safety, you really can rely on our team. Therefore it is absolutely necessary, that you follow the instructions of our trainers in any situation.


Do I have to train before being able to climb the courses?

Our courses don’t require special fitness – nevertheless, it helps. If you’re in “normal” shape you will be able to climb the courses since we offer various levels of difficulty. The only restrictions are a certain age and minimum body height for some of our courses.

How old must children be to be allowed to climb at all?

Children with a minimum age of 3 years may climb on courses if accompanied by an adult (provided they are of a minimum required height) and from 14 years and older without an accompanying adult. We reserve the right to decide whether children are allowed on individual courses based on skill and constitution. There are 4 brand-new ‘bambini’ courses for small children of 3-7 years, and they are as much fun as all other courses!

Due to limited height and reach of children some elements may be unsurmountable alone. Because of that it is mandatory for the accompanying adult to assist the child.

Is there a weight limit for climbers?

Yes, up to 120 kg.

Is climbing open in all kinds of weather?

Dress for the weather, but in strong winds or thunderstorms we close the courses for your safety.

Can we celebrate our kids’ birthday at the K1?

Of course. We offer fun and outdoor games for birthday parties, to make this a special day. When climbing with a group of birthday kids, keep in mind, that children under 14 years must be accompanied by a climbing adult. One Adult may accompany several children up to a maximum of 4, depending on skill and constitution of the children. If you need support here, we can provide you with a K1 trainer as a personal climbing guide – but please book in advance. If you choose one of our activity programs we will organize the challenges, games and climbing activities. With 6 or more guests, the birthday child is free.

There is the possibility to barbecue in our open-air living room with a large number of wooden seats available, for up to 45 party guests.

Please, bring the signed “Declaration of consent” for under-age guests. For more information, please check out the Link “Birthday at the K1” on this website.

What is the procedure before climbing?

After you have filled out the registration forms you will receive the safety equipment. A K1 trainer will check and assist you in putting on the climbing gear. At the introductory course, we will teach you the techniques and safety routines. And just to be on the safe side, you will take your first steps on the introductory course under the watchful eye of the K1 safety trainer.

Now you’re ready to climb on the courses, maybe starting with the easier ones first before climbing on the difficult ones. But in any case, our trainers will be close by in case you would need assistance.

What if I‘m up there and can’t finish the course?

Our safety trainers are always nearby and are well trained to get climbers who are stuck, safely back to the ground. So don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you.

Is climbing safe?

The whole K1 Waldseilpark is built according to the international safety regulations of the ERCA (European Ropes Course Association), and inspected by the TÜV (Technical Supervision Association). You’ll receive professional safety equipment and instructions on how to use it from our trained safety instructors. By always using both of the snap hooks the right way, you will always be secured with at least one snap hook and of course follow all safety instructions carefully.

What is the highest point in your courses?

It’s ca. 43 feet high (13 meters). New zip-line will take you up to ca. 92 feet (28 meters)!